czech guys and Trelleborg Viking Festival

Two on the Isles 

[July 2017] This Summer we met two guys from Czech republic travelling around Faroe Islands in Viking gear only. We had a great time getting to know them. You can read all about their adventures at their Facebook page "Two on the Isles - Faroese Saga 2017". 

Trelleborg Viking Festival 

Trelleborg Viking Festival and market in Denmark is next stop for Viking Event this month. 

Read more about the market here.

[Juli 2017] Vit móttu tveir víkingar úr Tjekkia, sum ferðaðust landið runt í teirra víkingaútstýri. Tað var stuttligt at læra teir at kenna.

Trelleborg market var næsta stop hjá Viking Events.