Er nakað nýtt?/ Any news?

July 2018: Summartilboð! Dukkuleikin: Offur Týrs

July 2018: Viking Summer at Skansin, Tórshavn - 14 - 29 July

June 10th 2018: Viking Festival in Iceland 2018

June 3rd 2018: Culture Night in Tórshavn 2018

May 28th 2018: Fights, puppet theater and great times at Viking Days in Hov 2018

May 12th: Viking Age School Project

May 10th 2018: Hear stories and tales with Viking Events puppet theater!

April 28th 2018: Berserk 1 year!

April 28th 2018. Viking Events at Famshop 2018

April 2nd 2018 : Happy Easter!

January 2018: Competition: Win a Berserk t-shirt! 

January 8th 2018: Come and fight with Berserk on January 27th

December 21st 2017: Christmas Greeting

Two became three - new team member to Viking Events

See Viking Events on TV 

The Hildarting commercial is out! Watch it here

Battle gloves course and training camp for Berserk

Minimarket for children by Víkingaskipið

Summerfestival in Klaksvik

Czech guys in the islands and Trelleborg Viking Festival

Shooting of the Hildarting commercial

Website and logo is created!

Culture Night in Torshavn and market in Iceland

Viking Days in Hov 2017